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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

3 Facts About Trump and his BFF Putin

(Hello from the future! The post below was written on December 14 2016, so before Trump assumed power and before many, many more revelations came out concerning his ties to Russia and Putin. Read it with that understanding, then continue to the update that follows.)

My fellow Americans, we are living in dark times.

This Christmas, when we gather with our loved ones, we will be doing so knowing that our nation is facing its most critical moment since the Bay of Pigs. Indeed, a reasonable argument can be made that our current crisis eclipses the Bay of Pigs. 

Because, my fellow citizens, last month on Election Day we thought we were voting for the next President of the United States. As it turns out, we were merely acting out the final scene in a play that was a joint production of the Trump campaign and Putin's government.

There has been a veritable ton of information passed around in recent days about Russia's involvement in the election, from such venerated sources as the New York Times and the Washington Post. Outrage over the meddling is bipartisan. Few people are left who doubt the fact that the Russian government interfered in our election deliberately to help elect Trump. 

Of course, President-Elect Trump is among those few who dismiss the intelligence community's conclusion that Putin's government messed with the election.

In addition to those stunning words, Trump's transition team released a formal statement pertaining to the C.I.A. report. Let's say it was...succinct:

Pithy denials aside, this is a thing that actually happened. A foreign power breached our defenses and played us for fools. Putin's government hacked into government computers and waged a propaganda war in our sovereign territory for the express purpose of getting their puppet--Trump--elected.

And they succeeded.

3 Facts about Trump and his Bromance with BFF Putin

  • The Russian government hacked into BOTH the Democratic National Committee AND the Republican National Committee emails

It is mentioned in the aforementioned NYT article from December 11 that we now know that the Russian government-sponsored hackers broke into the Republican National Committee's emails, too. The attack, it turns out, was bipartisan. So why were only the Democratic emails leaked?

Excerpted from C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence, NYT 12/11/16

Because the end game was to get Trump elected. Leak the Democratic emails, shame and smear the Clinton campaign, but hold on to the Republican emails to use as leverage later on, if the newly installed American leader doesn't behave the way Putin wants.

  • The list of Trump cabinet picks with political and/or financial ties to Russia is staggering

The mutual admiration between Trump's team and the Putin government can best be summed up by a December 13 Fortune magazine article headline:

I don't have the time or the insider knowledge to cover everything, but here is a list of some of the players and their Russian ties:

  1. Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson Currently CEO of Exxon-Mobile, Mr. Tillerson has zero foreign policy experience but so many financial ties to the Russian oil sector that Putin once awarded him the official Order of Friendship, the highest award the Russian government can give to a foreigner.
  2. Transition team member and cabinet pick adviser: Paul Manafort Mr. Manafort, who was Trump's campaign manager until he was asked to leave because of his scandalous ties to Russia, is now back in the picture and advising the transition team on cabinet picks, according to multiple sources. Manafort worked as a consultant for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine, from whom he accepted cash payments totaling more than twelve million dollars.
  3. National Security Adviser: Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn Mr. Flynn has appeared on Russia's state-run television making statements about how the U.S. and Russian relationship needs mending. He also attending a gala dinner with Putin, and, while at the Defense Intelligence Agency, strongly advised President Obama to change his stance regarding Syrian President Assad. (To be sure, Mr. Flynn's ties to Russia don't seem to be as outlandish as Mr. Manafort's or Mr. Tillerson's. Keep in mind, though, that while the Secretary of State pick needs to be confirmed by the Senate, the National Security Adviser does not. Mr. Flynn's already got the job.)

Honorable mention: Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. Mr. Page is currently under investigation by the F.B.I. for "suspicion of illegal communication with Russian leaders." He was reportedly in Moscow last week to give a talk about U.S.-Russian relations, during which he reportedly leaked the name of Trump's pick for Secretary of State before Trump made the announcement here at home.

  • President-Elect Trump consistently belittles the work of the American intelligence community while he praises Putin's leadership

The above clip excerpted from the third presidential debate says all we need to know about the President-Elect's view of the American intelligence assessment of Russia's illegal involvement in our election.

Donald Trump is a threat to American security, American democracy, and American values. Patriots and all freedom-loving Americans MUST resist him.

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February 11, 2017
Here is a non-comprehensive list of facts, rumors, and revelations that have been reported since the above post was published that further underscore the connection between DJT and Putin:

  1. On January 10 Buzzfeed published a dossier that, although unverified, purported to show evidence that the Russian government "has been 'cultivating, supporting, and assisting' President-Elect Donald Trump for years." Read the article (which has links to the full dossier) here. WARNING: the dossier contains (apparently) disgusting stories of Trump hiring hookers in Moscow for golden showers. So I've been told. I didn't read the full thing.
  2. Just a couple of weeks later, reports came out of Russia that spies involved in the leaking of the dossier were killed. Read about it here. The British spy who wrote the dossier took his family and went into hiding.
  3. During the transition period, President Obama placed additional sanctions on Russia in response to their hacking of our election. That very day, General Michael Flynn, Trump's pick for National Security Adviser, had several phone conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. He claimed he was wishing the ambassador a merry Christmas. It has now come out that he was sending his assurances that the new president would likely lift the sanctions. Read about Flynn's activities here.  
  4. February 1, the same day that former Exxon CEO and recipient of Russia's Order of Friendship Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State, a prominent Russian dissident was poisoned in Moscow. Read about it here. The timing was not a coincidence. This is the second time that dissident was poisoned by Putin's government. After the first time, the State Department intervened on his behalf. This is a test to see if Tillerson's state department will do that. (As of the writing of this update, February 11, no one in the Trump administration has said a word about the assassination attempt.)
  5. Yesterday, Putin reportedly made an offer to send Wikileaks founder Edward Snowden back to the U.S. as a gift to the Trump administration. Read about it here. Remember that Snowden is living in exile in Russia after leaking classified military information. Remember also that Wikileaks has been implicated in leaking DNC emails that were hacked by the Russian government in order to discredit Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and get Trump elected.

And this is where we now are. Trump has been president for less than a month. We have more than enough evidence to start an impeachment trial. COME ON GOP! YOU IMPEACHD CLINTON OVER A BLOWJOB. THIS IS BIGGER THAN THAT.

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