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Good morning fellow citizens.

It is a rainy Saturday in early December and I am terrified.
Since Election day I have been living in a constant state of high alert, but in the past twenty-four hours my anxiety has ratcheted up several notches. When I woke up today the first thing I did was check twitter to see if the Chinese military had bombed us overnight. Why? Because yesterday the President-Elect said "Fuck you" to the global balance of power and decades of official U.S. foreign policy and CALLED THE PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN. 

The United States has officially held to the so-called "One China" policy since 1979. This policy states that we recognize the existence of only one China, that being the People's Republic of China. Diplomatically, Taiwan doesn't exist. The U.S. acknowledging otherwise is an insult to Beijing. The President-Elect of the United States reaching out to Taiwan's president is tantamount to spitting in President Xi Jinping's eye on the floor of the United Nations, in full view of all present, and then laughing about it and asking the Chinese President how he liked that fortune cookie.

When I woke up this morning I had a ball of dread in my gut. I felt like my beloved country--and indeed, the entire world--was closer to nuclear war than we have ever been in my lifetime. Mind you, I grew up in Reagan's America, when the evening news was laced with talk of Evil Empires and Reagan's proposed space-based missile program. Growing up during the Cold War, nuclear anihilation was never too far frm my mind, but it never felt as real as it did to me this morning.


Think of that for a minute. As of this writing, there are 47 days left before Trump assumes the presidency. And he has ALREADY caused an international incident. So, I'm scared. And disgusted. And I feel like I have to do something.

That's where 3 Reasons to Dump Trump comes in. Through this blog, I will examine Trump: his policies, his cabinet, his tweets, and everything else about him, one at a time. With eeach examination I will identify exactly 3 reasons why you should hate said thing, or fear said thing, or do said thing.

3 is the magic number.

Maybe, hopefully, this blog will help. If nothing else, I am adding my voice to the chorus of dissent.

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